Child Exploitation Atlanta

(including child pornography/computer or electronic pornography)

Accusations of child exploitation Atlanta , pornography, communicating with a child for sexual purposes, and the use of any device to view children engaged in sexually explicit conduct are very serious charges, and can carry extensive penalties that affect every aspect of your life. If you lose the case you must spend the rest of your life as a convicted sex offender. Some of the more serious consequences include restrictions on where you can live, what kind of jobs you can get, the ability to own firearms, and your ability to interact normally with children.

Developing an Effective Defense

There are several different ways a person can successfully defend against child exploitation Atlanta charges, but you will need a child exploitation attorney in Atlanta who has experience with these types of cases. Considering the potential repercussions that could last throughout the rest of your life, the choice to hire someone like The Toler Law Group seems simple. For example, an experienced child pornography attorney in Atlanta could look for evidence that the defendant did not knowingly or intentionally have the pornography, the images do not actually involve children, or law enforcement obtained the images from an illegal search of said person’s computer.

Don’t Suffer the Consequences of Child Exploitation Atlanta Convictions

Being accused of child exploitation Atlanta is no laughing matter, as these complex cases can have serious consequences. Without the help of a lawyer and a good defense strategy, you could face years or decades in prison, mandatory sex offender counseling, monitoring with GPS devices or as a member of the sex offender registry for life, heavy fines and court fees, and restrictions on your personal life, career, and future.

Finding an advocate to work with you on an aggressive defense for such serious crimes is important to help you regain your life and avoid a lifetime of consequences. If you find yourself in the middle of a child pornography case, don’t hesitate to call for a no-charge consultation with The Toler Law Group. You can schedule an in-office consultation today by calling (404) 319-1755 or filling out the contact form so we can get in touch with you.

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