Domestic Violence Lawyer Atlanta

At The Toler Law Group, we understand that domestic charges and assault are very serious problems. We also understand that out of the thousands of domestic violence cases that are filed every year, many of them are false charges brought against an innocent spouse or partner. If someone brings domestic violence charges against you, you need a domestic violence lawyer Atlanta who can protect you and help you prove your innocence.

Experience Working With Domestic Cases

There are a wide variety of different cases that can be handled by a domestic violence Lawyer Atlanta, ranging from spousal abuse and family violence to same-sex partner abuse and dating violence. At The Toler Law Group, we have been working to help people accused of domestic violence clear their names for more than 20 years, and we have the experience to know how to approach each case and provide advice on getting the best possible outcome.

The Devastating Consequences of Domestic Charges Atlanta

Without a domestic violence lawyer Atlanta, someone accused of domestic violence could end up in the middle of a messy case with far-reaching consequences. Since domestic charges Atlanta are a serious crime, someone convicted could spend time in jail and be forced to pay significant fines. Someone convicted of felony domestic charges could lose access to their children in a custody dispute, lose the ability to own firearms, and have trouble finding housing and work in the future as a convicted felon.

Experienced Defense

One of the best ways to avoid a wrongful conviction in these cases is to hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer Atlanta who understands the laws and can help you navigate a confusing legal system that sometimes seems stacked against the accused. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is assuming they can handle the case on their own without legal counsel, but it can quickly spiral out of control and you could face serious consequences if convicted. With decades of experience in Atlanta and the surrounding cities of Rosewell, Doraville, Smyrna, Kennasaw, and Marietta, we can help you figure out the best way to defend your case and protect your rights.

Finding the Facts

In emotional family violence cases, sometimes a person will wrongfully accuse a spouse or partner of abuse. When this happens, it’s important to find the facts in the case and present them to a judge or jury in a clear and concise manner to give you the best chance of winning your case, or having the charges reduced or dismissed. At The Toler Law Group we will put our experience to the test to help you in your domestic charges case as your advocate.

Assault & Battery

The charge of assault and battery can be a very serious, but depending on the circumstances of the case, there may be several defenses you can use that will help explain your situation and avoid a conviction when possible. Hiring the right Atlanta assault & battery lawyer can ensure that you get the best possible legal defense for your case, whether that case is straightforward or complex.

Working with Prosecutors

One of the most common misconceptions in these types of criminal cases is that the alleged victim is the person who decides whether or not to press charges. Most of the time, that decision actually rests with the prosecutors and the District Attorney’s office. There are cases when a victim prefers not to move forward, but the prosecution decides to bring the charges anyway. In these situations, it’s helpful to work with an Atlanta assault & battery lawyer like Henry Toler who has 20 years of experience working with prosecutors, and has a great relationship with many of them. These relationships can be beneficial to help a defendant understand the charges against him/her and negotiate in cases where the charges could be reduced or dismissed.

Knowing the Laws

One of the best ways to avoid jail time or other significant punishments is to hire an assault & battery attorney in Atlanta who knows and understands criminal laws. Just as you wouldn’t have your general family doctor perform heart surgery, the right defense for criminal domestic charges requires the experience and intimate knowledge of laws that only come from working on criminal defense cases. At The Toler Law Group, we only work on criminal cases, so we know the laws inside and out and we work hard to achieve the best possible outcome.


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